Tree Surgeon in Sutton, Surrey
Tree Surgeon in Sutton, Surrey

Tree Surgeon Services

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      A wide range of Tree Surgeon services is offered here at Carpenters Trees & Gardens LTD, with the aim to cater for all needs and requirements on any given task. Please see below the examples of areas of work we cover.

      • Tree Fellingremoval of trees by sectional or straight felling
      • Tree Removalcomplete removal of trees from any location
      • Tree Pruningpruning by a variety of techniques including thinning and drop crotching
      • Stump Grindingremoval of tree stumps by use of a stump grinder
      • Ivy Removalremoval of ivy from buildings and trees
      • Tree Pollardingheavy pruning for certain tree species
      • Crown Reductionreduction of the crown by a specified percentage (example 25%)
      • Tree Plantingadvise on tree species, positioning and the required planting conditions
      • Emergency Tree Workremoval of storm damaged and dangerous trees
      • Cutting Backcutting back to boundaries, removal of branches infringing on properties
      • Dead Woodingthe removal of potentially dangerous dead wood from the crown of trees
      • Hedge/Shrubbery Trimmingfinely trim all hedges and shrubs ensuring optimum regrowth and appearance whilst ensuring healthy maintenance
      • Hedge Reductionto reduce the height of a hedge to a more desirable level for various favoured reasons

      Commercial Tree Surgeon Services and Management

      Carpenters Trees & Gardens LTD has built up very good relationships with a variety of letting agents and property management companies.

      We continually strive to make the process as simple as possible no matter how complex it may seem by offering a complete solution to your needs, whether that be a single one-off tree removal or a detailed management plan, we can help by offering our services tailored for your requirements.

      Quotes can be provided for depending on the variety of works, be it lump sum works, quantities of work or scheduled rates.

      We hold a £5 million liability insurance policy. Work is carried out in accordance with Site Specific Method Statements and Risk Assessments.

      All works are carried out to British Standards (BS 3998).

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